some mark made will be launching at The Winding Stair Bookshop on Friday the 4th of March.

Join us between 6 and 8pm and hear readings from the excellent Shauna Barbosa, Christodoulos Makris and Julie Morrissy.


A snippet from the editorial:

Often, when literary activity foregrounds its visual or tactile elements, when it embraces process or takes place away from the immediate terrain of the page, it’s ascribed titles such as ‘hybrid’, ‘performative’ or ‘experimental’. These terms seem to soften boundary lines so that bodies of writing can be intuitive rather than narrative, sensory rather than descriptive. It is worth remembering, however, that literature is by nature expansive, tactile and interrogative.

some mark made features experimental and speculative writing in the veins of poetry, prose and criticism.

Its contributors are:

Claire Farley

Shauna Barbosa

Caroline Doolin

Michael Naghten Shanks

Michelle Hall

Jonelle Mannion

Christodoulos Makris

Julie Morrissy

Sue Rainsford

Capture michelle ii

Excerpt from Michelle Hall’s ‘A Package’

Excerpt from Julie Morrissy's L'Arena

Excerpt from Julie Morrissy’s L’Arena